About "Hands On"

Throws, Bedding and Beyond


From couch throws to bedding, there is a blanket waiting to complete the look for any room!

Fourteen Color Options


Now with fourteen color options, we can create hundreds of options for each unique super chunky knit blanket.
Making them personalized for each individual you buy for.

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Custom Designs


Handmade blankets available in six traditional knit stitches, a Chevron pattern, Cable Knit and also a "Weighted" Bamboo Stitch option!

The Story Behind The Super Chunky Knit Blanket


It All Began With A Gift

I began making blankets for people in late 2016, purely as gifts for family and friends. I quickly saw the interest that sparked, not only in those who received them, but in anyone that even saw them.

As the interest grew, I began to take the time to learn additional stitches and new ways of combining colors for the best possible blankets. I went from offering one simple stitch to now offering five different stitch options, allowing for an array of different types of blankets.

I love having the chance to work with people to create something they can find comfort in and I look forward to working with you too!

Upcoming Events

I love to take my creations to local flea markets and craft shows, I'll add different dates here to show where you can come see my work in person!

For A Cause

Anytime Hands On For Homemade runs a promotion for a specific color/cause (i.e. Breast Cancer blankets in October) we will donate a portion of the profits to a charity related to the cause.